Agility - Jun 6, 2017

7 big tech trends that are changing the way we make things

Manufacturing is changing. It’s a slow-moving industry stuck in the past as new technologies out of Silicon Valley threaten to upend it.

Manufacturing is high tech and low tech. Greasy, hands-on problem solving in some places and spotless clean rooms in others. Aging assembly lines and lines of choreographed robot arms. At Singularity University’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit, the industry was in focus, with a good look at what’s coming next. Manufacturing is changing, but that isn’t new.

What’s notable is the quickening pace of change.

The big themes this year: How to sift, identify, and make use of the latest technologies and tools to get nimble, break old habits, and stay ahead of the next big wave. Of course, it’s impossible to fit so much information into so little space, and what matters most depends on your lens.

Read the article to learn more insights from the summit. Tell us in the comments below how your business is using technology to manufacture.