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Efficiency - Jan 18, 2018

Collaborating for the Win—How to Take Teamwork to the Next Level Using Fibre Technology

More companies are enlisting fibre technology to support scalable business success.

Picture it: It’s T-minus 43 minutes until you need to hit send on the RFP response that will see your organization’s revenues double over the next seven years and lead to significant opportunities for expansion.

Together, members of your Business Development and C-suite staff have been working around the clock from their respective offices (in Oshawa, Ontario; Laval, Quebec; and Moncton, New Brunswick) to finalize the pitch that’s set to change the face of your organization.

One of the last RFP sections left to complete addresses your cybersecurity plan: You’re confident that you run a tight ship, but you’ve got to prove that you can deliver your services with minimal downtime, while also ensuring the safety of the transactional data that you collect on your customers.

In the final crunch, you’re taking advantage of all the networking tools available to you to connect resources across the three offices: Sharing confidential info (including financials) across desktops, holding web conferences to decide on the proposed go-to-market strategy, and more. Then suddenly, all your Internet-based systems go down—a video call drops mid-sentence, and you can’t even get on your VoIP-based phone to pick up the discussion.

Protecting your organizational assets while also building at scale

We’ve all been there: A big project is on the line and you’ve got to demonstrate that your organization can handle the business if you win it. But if you’re anything like the company detailed above, first you’ve got to ensure that your system is protected—and fast! Otherwise, you’ll miss the submission deadline, or worse—if your system went down due to a security issue, like a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) attack, only in-depth investigation can tell how much damage has been done to your business.

We’ve all been there: A big project is on the line and you’ve got to demonstrate that your organization can handle the business if you win it.

While data security is a concern for any company, it’s especially crucial to up-and-coming organizations that are trying to grow their business while also keeping their customers’ information safe from leaks, breaches and other cybersecurity issues.

With cybercrime predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 (up from $3 trillion in 2015), there’s a reason more companies are turning to fibre networks for a faster and more secure means of growing their businesses.

With virtually continuous uptime in all major Canadian cities, fibre-optic technology offers powerful performance—with symmetrical download/upload speeds up to and beyond 10 Gbps. At the same time, fibre is more difficult to intercept than other internet service types; this means that businesses using fibre internet are better protected against outsiders trying to access their confidential data and information.

Teamwork + Technology + Expertise = A winning equation for enterprising organizations

When the next big project is up for renewal and you need to rally your team for the win, how well do you think your systems will fare? By taking precautions now to support better collaboration across your lines of business—including leveraging a faster and more reliable network that’s equipped with enhanced safety and security measures—you’ll be well prepared to tackle any and all opportunities that come your way.