Agility - Aug 9, 2017

Getting a head start on customer service

Rogers looks to build long-term trust by ensuring clients gets the most from their ‘as-a-service’ products

A new kind of business technology solution requires a new approach to customer service. In the “as-a-service” world of digital delivery, that can mean working in a dedicated way with each client to ensure the end results meet their expectations.

When Rogers Communications began offering as-a-service solutions – communications and technology services customers consume like utilities – it realized it needed to give organizations a more personalized experience over the length of their contract.

“We knew the offering was different from our traditional wireline and wireless products,” said Shaheel Luckoo, Senior Manager, Adoption Services with Rogers Communications. “We didn’t want the customer to buy an as-a-service solution, have trouble with it and just stop using it. We wanted them to see the value and be with us long-term.”

Rogers as-a-service solutions are fully managed IT and communications offerings that customers purchase on contract for a monthly fee. They’re designed to allow organizations to avoid large up-front investments in hardware and software and free up internal IT staff to focus on strategic projects. Some of the solutions include WiFi as a Service, Virtual Contact Centre Solutions and Services, the Internet of Things, Security as a Service and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

Rogers created Adoption Services to give enterprise customers who purchase any as-a-service product a follow-up assessment and implementation assistance to ensure the product meets their needs – at no extra cost.

When an organization is close to finalizing the purchase of a Rogers as-a-service solution, Adoption Services works with the sales team to understand the customer’s requirements and goals. Once the service is running, the group asks the customer whether they would like an assessment. If the customer does, Adoption Services works to ensure they receive the business outcome they expected when they signed their contract.

The Adoption Services team begins each client engagement by ensuring the as-a-service project implementation met the client’s expectations. Adoption Services then offers the customer ongoing insight and support. For example, the group can produce reports through business intelligence tools on service availability, on how customer staff are using the solution, or on how the solution can bring additional value to the customer.

“We want them to get as much as they can out of the service,” Luckoo said. “If the customer is happy, they’ll keep using the product and stay with us long-term.”

Feedback from Rogers Adoption Services customers has been positive, Luckoo said. They appreciate the fact the team takes time to understand the business case and gives clients advice on how to get more value from the service.

“We try to be as transparent as possible when we deal with the customer,” he said. “We want to establish a relationship built on trust and provide a service that delivers what the customer expects it to deliver.”