Hiring and retaining talent in a mobile world

Achieving company objectives depends on supporting employee use of mobile work tools


Part of running a successful business is attracting and retaining the most talented candidates for every role in your organization. Increasingly, this requires providing mobile work tools. The fact is, Canadian workers, particularly millennials, are making career choices based on how effectively prospective employers support flexible, mobile and remote work options. Team members provided with the means to work how and where they want are more engaged and productive—and their job satisfaction is directly related to your business’s ability to achieve its goals and outpace the competition.

Global marketing research firm IDC predicts mobile workers will make up 73 percent of Canada’s labour force by 2018, and this percentage will only increase. By 2020, millennials will make up nearly half of Canada’s working population. Having grown up with mobile technology, millennials rely on it day-to-day; it’s so important to them that 50 percent would take a lower salary to be able to work remotely. Millennials’ desire for flexible, mobile work solutions will increase further as they have children and need to work around daycare and school schedules, and as living in major urban centres (where many large enterprises reside) becomes too expensive.

Millennials are not the only Canadian workers who want mobile and remote work tools, however. According to a Harris-Decima poll, 33 percent of Canadians of all ages would accept less pay if they were given the tools and support to work outside the office. Generation X professionals, many of whom now occupy or are stepping into hard-to-fill roles, from directorships up to the C-suite, will increasingly need to be available to attend to aging parents and other relatives. Options for flexible, remote work will be major selling points when promoting or recruiting them to your company.

Supporting Canadian workers’ growing demand for flexible, mobile and remote work options is an opportunity for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. This is true not only in their efforts to attract and retain the most sought after talent, but also to support collaboration amongst groups separated by physical distance, job descriptions or other factors.

From basic services like instant messaging and chat, to more sophisticated tools such as voice and video calling, screen sharing and Web conferencing, to taking calls on any device and in any location, these technologies are designed to help employees work effectively together, regardless of location. And greater, more efficient collaboration among employees can only be good for your bottom line.

The rise of mobile communications has profoundly altered the nature of work, as well as Canadians’ attitudes about it. Attracting the best and brightest talent to work with and for you means embracing these changes—by adopting the right mobile and Unified Collaboration and Communication tools suited to achieving your business objectives.