Collaboration - Aug 8, 2017

New approach delivers top-notch customer service over the phone

Discover how businesses can improve the customer experience with modern telephony systems – highlighting relevant features of Rogers Unison, including Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups and Call Pull.

One of the first touch points a business has with its existing and potential customers is a tried and true one: over the phone. However, putting people on hold for interminable lengths of time or dropping their call prematurely are examples of old-school mistakes that simply won’t work in today’s fast-paced world of customer service. These days, feedback and answers are expected to be delivered in real time, whether that’s on a website, a social media channel or on the phone.

Fortunately, a modern approach to telephony has arrived to make sure this can happen. Rogers UnisonTM is a new kind of platform takes all the features found in traditional business phone systems and integrates them in the cloud – including Extension Dialing, Call Transfer, Three-Way Calling, Voicemail to Email and the ability to access your wireless number over a laptop or tablet. With such capabilities located in the cloud, both fixed (desk phone) and wireless (mobile phone) devices can access them.

Rogers Unison includes capabilities specifically designed to make customer service seamless. Businesses that utilize them can stand out from their competitors by offering a completely new telephony user experience. These features include:

  • Hunt Groups – This feature allows you to eliminate missed calls. When a call comes in, any employee in a designated group can pick it up. You can set staff members’ phones to ring simultaneously or one after another until the call is answered.
  • Dual Persona – Keep your existing local line number and add it to your mobile devices. This eliminates the need for your customers to remember a new number and for you to update business cards and directory listings. With Rogers Unison, users already comfortable with the mobile phone experience will benefit from the “one-number” simplicity of having that device connected directly to the organizational phone network for voice, video, messaging and such. Enterprises will have one less line to pay for and manage for users.
  • Auto Attendant – With a ‘virtual secretary’, calls can be automatically directed to different parts of your business to ensure your customers speak to the right person the first time, every time.
  • Music on Hold – For those times when a call is placed on hold while your team is gathering information or resources, Music on Hold is a great way to keep your callers engaged on the phone. You can either use the default music provided, or upload your own music or promotional audio.

Learn more about the cloud-based telephony concept and other benefits of Rogers Unison here.