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Technology - Sep 28, 2017

10 things to do to protect your website from cyber attacks

Backup strategy, strong passwords, firewalls, malware protection all part of the equation

These days almost any small business can benefit from having a website. It gives you visibility and allows customers to find you. It allows you to build your brand and promote your products and services. And it can allow you to transact easily with your customers. However, if you don’t protect your website from cyber attacks, it can also become a huge liability. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, malware, brute force attacks and many other malicious threats can all bring down your business.

Faced with the risk of cyber attacks, entrepreneurs need to take a proactive stance on security. Continue reading this Small Business Trends post by Dan Starr and learn 10 things you can start doing right away to protect your website from a cyberattack.