Technology - Mar 10, 2017

Get the Tech Help You Need

How Rogers can help you position your business for tech success


Business technology evolves quickly, but that doesn't mean your company need always play catch up. By making smart investments in technology and tailoring your business's devices, services and systems to the unique way your team(s) operate, you can ensure that your company has the tools it needs to be competitive today – and ready for future growth.

But providing your business with a firm technological foundation and devising an ongoing roadmap isn't as simple as it might seem. There's more to it than just picking affordable phones with the basic features your staff needs right now. You need to be able to keep pace with technology and your competitors in three key ways.

1. Choosing the Right New Technologies

The process of investing in technology should be treated like any project, which means you'll need to start by defining requirements. How many employees do you have? How do workers in specific roles use technology? Perhaps most importantly, where do they use technology? Conducting a bit of in-house research will help you understand the types of devices, services, and tools your company needs while establishing an initial scale for your investment that will assist in creating your initial budget.

2. Adopting and Implementing Your New Technology

Your technology investment project isn't over once you've acquired the devices and systems your team needs. To get the most out of your company's new technology, you'll need to ensure that your staff knows how to employ it effectively in their jobs. Be prepared to educate them by providing training on how to use specific features, and making your team members aware of the service plans you've put in place. The technological tools your company chooses ought to accommodate your team's work habits and methods, but your staff might need a little help understanding how to take advantage of certain benefits offered by any new devices they use.

3. Using Technology to Set Yourself Up for Future Growth

The final piece of the puzzle involves creating and committing to a roadmap for evolution and growth. The technology you acquire today will eventually need to be upgraded, replaced and expanded upon. The questions you need to answer are: when, and for what reason? Good plans for future growth ensure that technology investments are scheduled regularly and take place frequently enough to keep your business competitive and your workers happy, but also staggered over time, mitigating any serious impact on your company's bottom line.

Whether you're a small business or large corporation, you might find you need some assistance when it comes to technology. That's where Rogers comes in.

If you have a smaller business, consider booking an appointment with one of Rogers Small Business Specialists. You’ll receive one-on-one advice from an expert, who will help you determine which devices, plans and technologies are best suited for your business today, and who can provide guidance as you plan for your business's future.

If you're part of a larger company, Rogers Professional Services has you covered. Here you'll find end-to-end solutions designed for enterprise-level operations. Rogers experienced professionals will help you devise cost-effective strategies for the implementation and management of large fleets of mobile devices and their associated plans.

Just as important, by examining how your large or small company uses technology, Rogers can help set you on a path toward significant cost savings as your operations grow, ensuring you have the right tools for your organization’s unique needs, today and tomorrow.