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Insights - Mar 9, 2018

My Stuff: Dan Dueck

The Stattonrock Construction owner shares the tech tools he uses to build his business

When Dan Dueck was just two years old, his dad – who owned a construction company – began taking him to job sites. From the age of 11, and all through his teens, Dueck worked those sites during summer breaks, hauling lumber and cleaning up. By 2007, he had launched his own company – Abbotsford, B.C.-based Stattonrock Construction – and soon began taking his young son to work.

Dueck hopes to one day hand over his company to his kids, so that the family’s construction tradition lives on. In the meantime, he spoke with Rogers Business Forum to share the tech tools he uses as the foundation for a successful business.

My apps

Dueck relies on task-management tool Asana to organize projects, as well as to communicate with his team of 20. “If I’m on site and need a number or [to check a] schedule, I can easily get what I need from the app,” he says. For online meetings, Dueck employs group-chat platform Microsoft Teams, which integrates with Office 365, to keep his staff in the loop and share files, emails, notes and attachments.

My time tracker

Dueck uses When I Work, a kind of time clock that his team members can access from their smartphones, tablets or laptops via email or text messaging, even social media. It also lets Dueck manage attendance and time track his staff. “Our systems manager inputs the schedules, so the staff sees where they need to be on a given day, what equipment they need to take with them,” he explains.

My design tool

Dueck also uses Chief Architect, 3D-architectural-design software developed specifically for builders, interior designers and remodelers. The program lays out everything from floor plans to ceiling height, stairs, doors, windows, even colours and accessories. “I can build things in my head but my clients can’t, so this really helps them visualize it,” says Dueck.

My project-management software

For coordinating projects, communicating with both client and team, hammering out details, as well as managing the budget, Dueck uses professional-building software CoConstruct. “Clients get an access code, then we build our estimates and scheduling,” he says. “If [clients] have questions or comments, it’s all routed through there.”

My laptop

Dueck uses his Microsoft Surface Book Pro, he says, “for pretty much everything. It goes where I go.” He uses it to dazzle his clients with programs such as Chief Architect, which allow them to track progress on their homes. “We can fly them through for a virtual tour. They can see what they do and don’t like, they can move windows and doors around.”

My social media

To communicate with and market to clients, Dueck uses both Facebook and Instagram. “We probably get more direct coverage on Instagram, more likes, but we get more reach on Facebook, people see it more there,” he says.