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Social - Sep 21, 2017

Rogers partners with EDIT: The Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology

Visit for more information and follow #RogersEDIT17 on Twitter for live updates.

Rogers is proud to be a part of EDIT: The Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology as a presenting partner this fall. This 10-day event (Sept. 28 - Oct. 8) brings visionaries from around the world together to shine a spotlight on the role of design, innovation and technology in solving today's grand challenges.

Canada’s population is as diverse as its borders – yet in spite of the physical distance between us, technology has enabled us to become more connected than ever before. At this year’s EDIT, Rogers will be showcasing how we’ve come together from far and wide, from our celebration of the notorious 7th inning bat-flip, when we cheered as one, online, nationwide, to our response to the Fort McMurray fires, during which technology enabled us to rally together to offer help and comfort to our fellow Canadians.

The interactive Rogers booth will give visitors an opportunity to see them use data from their network, design and technology in a state-of-the art installation that brings these defining Canadian moments to life.