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Insights - May 30, 2017

Rogers Talks Reflections: Cher Jones

The social media expert on how to actively connect

Cher Jones, social media trainer and personal branding coach.

For social media trainer and personal branding coach Cher Jones, technology is hardwired into her DNA. She’s been using social media since before Myspace was the hottest new thing.

Today, as head of Socially Active Training, Jones teaches organizations such as the City of Toronto, Lean In Canada, CBC and SheEO how to create a powerful, personal brand. She also tackles effective social media content and how to avoid becoming a “procrastepreneur,” so that a business owner can fully propel their company now. We caught up with the Rogers TalksTM 2016 keynote speaker and asked her a few key questions.

What are the most common social media mistakes entrepreneurs make?

CJ: Most people understand the value of having a profile on LinkedIn. We all know we are being looked up all the time. [But] the biggest mistake I see small-business owners make is appearing as though they’re looking for a job rather than looking like they are ready to do business. The fix is simple: write your LinkedIn profile in a customer-centric style. Meaning, share exactly how you serve your customers and position your experience, skills and qualities in a way that they’ll feel like they are directly benefiting, and that they're working with the right person.

How is social media innovating the way people do business?

CJ: We now live in a time where you can build relationships with your clients and potential customers simply by sharing great content that truly serves your target audience. We can measure our successes and failures quickly, and adapt just as quickly. Social media also gives us access to a wider audience across the world, [and] allows small businesses to compete on a much larger scale.

What innovations are on the social media forefront?

CJ: Live streaming. Whether using Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, we have never had an opportunity like this to reach out and connect in real time with our audience. [We can also] tell stories by easily stitching together 10-second video clips, pictures and graphics. Although high-quality video will always have a place in a social media strategy, you don’t need an expensive crew to share the stories that are happening in your business every day. Stories sell!

How do you think events like the Rogers Talks series benefit the small-business community?

CJ: They provide a wonderful opportunity for business owners to get out there and network, meet new clients and referral partners, while getting up-to-date, practical advice from experts to help them grow their companies.