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Insights - Apr 13, 2017

Spotlight: Darian Kovacs

This entrepreneur stays productive to produce the best results.

Director of Strategy, Darian Kovacs of Jelly Marketing

Q: Tell us about yourself and your role in Jelly Marketing

My name is Darian, I’m the Principal and Director of Strategy at Jelly Marketing. Before this, I’ve found myself in a plethora of roles in various companies from starting up businesses to software development and marketing to working in the philanthropic and charity sector. It’s hard to believe that Jelly turns four next month, considering how much I’ve learned, and am still learning, as a small business owner.

I’m privileged to work with an amazing group of people who get to help brands tell their story in the digital and editorial sphere. We get to work with a variety of brands and clients who have a really great product, service and story and it’s our job to amplify it. That’s essentially what Jelly is: we come in alongside this great business, and like Jelly, we add a little bit of colour, a little bit of flavour and sweetness and hopefully elevate them to the next level. In that process, you get to see how digital marketing, social media, online ads and public relations, can be used to emphasise and amplify a brand.

(Jelly Marketing shows) how digital marketing, social media, online ads and public relations, can be used to emphasise and amplify a brand.

A lot of what we do at Jelly also involves training for businesses - we developed a curriculum recognized with grants that we call Digital Marketing 101. Many companies can’t afford to outsource their marketing, or hire a full time marketing director. What Jelly does is train their in-house staff and work alongside them, to provide them with the confidence and skills to execute the best digital practices for their company.

We want to set the bar and say “Hey! What Digital Marketing and PR can do for a brand is really awesome and most of it, if you have the time and dedication, can be done yourselves!” If a brand has the capacity to learn how to execute, there’s a level of authenticity as they’re able to pour their blood, sweat and tears into a campaign in a way that owners can. It’s for this reason I’m so excited to be a part of the Rogers Business Forum because I get to share my learnings and ideas both as a small business owner and as a marketing company catering to small businesses.

Q: What is the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur? What keeps you passionate and driven to succeed?

The most rewarding part is celebrating wins with our brands. When a client comes to us with a frustration - they’re hitting this immovable wall - we come in and help them break through that wall and achieve something awesome. It helps not only foster good relationships with our clients, but as an internal team as well. Jelly strives to provide a work environment that’s healthy, where they come and learn and prosper. I want my team to be the best “them” they can be. The ultimate goal is to create a workplace where we can look forward to Mondays versus only looking forward to Fridays.

Q: We know how important productivity is for developing and continuing to grow a business. For you, what are some key concepts or tools you suggest for small business owners?

I love what the Cloud has been able to do for myself, productivity-wise. Using notes on my phone means I can access it on my tablets, laptops and other devices. I can rely on it being everywhere I need it to be, which is one less thing I’m forced to think about and plan for.

I love what the Cloud has been able to do for myself, productivity-wise. Using notes on my phone means I can access it on my tablets, laptops and other devices.

Another sharing program I’ve come to rely on is G-Suite. I love that my email and my calendar are connected across all of my devices, really streamlining my organization processes. I love that Google has provided this amazing program that’s branded Jelly for both myself and the team here at Jelly.

Another productivity tool is Google Analytics, it’s kind of the bread and butter for our business as analytics allows me to see, bottom line, what my website is actually doing for me, what’s performing and what’s not, in a really great, measurable way. It’s easy to get caught up in some of the vanity statistics within marketing, but Google Analytics breaks it down as far as where rubber meets the road.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring and prospering business owners when it comes to taking their business to the next level?

“Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” I love that quote by CS Lewis and it’s my belief that if one is able to do that, to embrace humility, you’ll take yourself to that next level. If you can think less about yourself and more about how you can serve others, find win-win situations, I think that’s truly what a business’ purpose is. I believe the ego has a dangerous way of flaring up and hurting people and, if there’s a way to really embrace humility, there’s a way to take your business to the next level in a cool and quiet way that can be really different and disruptive in whatever industry you’re in.

Part of that humility is knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. There are many self-awareness tools out there. Personally, I’ve used the Birkman and it’s really good to do one of these as, like a mentor, it’ll tell you straight what you’re not so great at. With this in mind, you can begin to surround yourself with people who can fill those gaps. Find a good mentor and good peers who will talk to you straight about your strengths and weaknesses. Futurpreneur offers a great mentorship program as there a bunch of great peepr network groups out there like EO and YPO.

You’ll be able to become very productive by delegating those weaknesses in your life to the right people and be humble and willing enough to outsource those items in your life that will ensure you’re doing what’s producing the most results.


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